Morehouse College

Snow talks Netflix deal, gentrification and new mentorship program.

Marc stopped by Global Grind's offices to promote his new book Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond, and his role as the host of VH1's new late night talk show VH1 Live!

In a new BuzzFeed report, sexual assault survivors from Spelman wonder why more isn’t being done to punish the perps from their brother school.

News's Milo Yiannopoulos alleged in a article that Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is being deceptive about his ethnicity.


Tyrese Gibson has offered to pay a young man's Morehouse College tuition; an act that was graciously accepted by 21-year-old Lorenzo Murphy

Let me start out by saying this: There is NO comparison to Spelman College in the HBCU community, nor is there any solid undergraduate comparison to the illustrious women who attend the institution. Academically, we’ve been #1 for half a decade now. Where is our competition? Spelman women stand for social change – we’re bold, […]


You might remember the name Phillip Hudson from the VIBE magazine article titled “The Mean Girls of Morehouse,” which chronicled his time at Morehouse College and some of the adversity he experienced as a gender-bending student. However, there is much more to the Phillip Hudson than the “Amazon of ‘The Plastics’” persona, a label he […]


Nelly and Kelly Rowland go on a romantic tropical vacation to Cancun, Mexico in the sexy video for “Gone” off Nelly’s “5.0” album. The attractive duo get very close by the pool and take a midnight stroll on the beach, while fire twirlers set the mood. The sweet song is the right mix of these […]


Things got heated between Nelly and Kelly Rowland as they filmed the music video for ‘Gone’ in Cancun, Mexico. Scantily clad and enjoying the sun and surf, the good looking pair previously had a hit back in 2002 with ‘Dilemma’ and now they are clearly looking to bring back the magicial chemistry. PHOTOS: Eminem, Chris […]


‘I bring a brand of hip pop that is extremely vulnerable and I think that has become my sound,’ said Drake. ‘I think when someone delves deep into their life people are always saying he be rapping on some Drake sh*t.’ Drake’s debut studio album,Thank Me Later, sold 447,000 records in its first week, reaching […]

Drake’s Twitter Grind Up is a complete break down and analysis of Drake‘s twitter page. For months we have followed Drake‘s Twitter, some might even say we have stalked his twitter page, and after our evaluation we give Drake 7 out of 10 Grinds. GlobalGrind’s Twitterscope: Drake’s use of twitter is not that thrilling. Sporadically […]