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New video taken by a film crew for the reality show The First 48 captured the moment when a Detroit police officer shot and killed 7-year-old Aiyana Jones.

The disturbing video was shown in the court room earlier this week during the trial of officer Joseph Weekley, who is being tried for involuntary manslaughter in the shooting.

To give you some background, little Aiyana was asleep on the couch when police raided the home in May of 2010. Detroit police were looking for a murder suspect in the house, but came upon the 7-year-old first and shot her within seconds of entering. The raid was being taped for The First 48.

In the video you see cops arriving at the home:

Someone shouts “police!” on the video. A stun grenade used to confuse people inside the house briefly lights up the scene.

Weekley was the first officer through the door. His attorney said the officer accidentally fired a submachine gun when Aiyana’s grandmother reached for the weapon. Prosecutors, however, said there was no struggle and that Weekley simply was negligent in how he handled the gun.

In the wake of Aiyana’s death, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing barred reality TV shows from shadowing police. And in the courtroom, defense attorneys argued that the added pressure from those crews affected Weekley.

Homicide investigator LaTonya Brooks testified that detectives didn’t want the TV crew at the scene. Defense attorney Steve Fishman said police department officials never asked officers if they wanted cameras following them with people asking “dumb questions.”

“That’s additional pressure to doing a pressure-filled, difficult job, wouldn’t you agree?” Fishman said.

“I agree,” Brooks said.

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And as always, may she rest in perfect peace.

SOURCE: HuffPost