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It’s been a really tough week for Paris Jackson and her family.

The daughter of MJ is currently on psychiatric hold in a California hospital after trying to kill herself this past week with Motrin pills and slitting her wrists.

Her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, has recently come back into her life, and made sure to visit Paris at the hospital last night.

Driving in her vehicle to the entrance, she looked to be a little distraught after seeing her daughter’s condition.

It is being speculated as to what caused Paris to try and kill herself, which is why a judge has just ordered an investigation on the matter.

According to TMZ, the same judge who gave Katherine Jackson guardianship over Paris is now calling an investigation for her attempted suicided to see if her welfare has been compromised.

The site reports:

Judge Mitchell Beckloff has asked an investigator in the probate court — where the guardianship was established — to “prepare a written report and include therein any recommendations relating to the minor child’s health, education and welfare.”
Judge Beckloff notes he was alerted to Paris’ crisis by media reports.  As you know, TMZ broke the story … Paris is under psychiatric evaluation after cutting her arm with a meat cleaver and downing a number of Motrin, in what authorities call a suicide attempt.

While her guardianship is being questioned, it looks like her life at school is also being put into the mix, as a source revealed to Radar Online that she won’t be returning to the her private elite school once she is released from the hospital.

A source revealed that the bullying is what could have caused Paris’ depression:

“It has already been decided she wont be going back to the school she had been attending. Paris had been absolutely miserable at the school for a long time, and there is a clique of mean girls that had been bullying her.

“It escalated after (new) child molestation claims were made public against her father, Michael. She has felt like an outsider for a long time. There is no way she could return there after the suicide attempt, Paris would be tormented all over again.”

“Paris might be home schooled, and there is talk of her attending a performing arts high school which could be a perfect fit for her. Paris is artistically gifted, and going to a school with others like her could be the perfect solution.”

The bullying issue is nothing new, as she revealed in an interview last year that she was being bullied in school. Apparently, media outlets thought she was lying because she loves drama.

Sources revealed to the site:

“that is absolutely untrue. Paris didn’t lie when she said that in the media interview. For anyone to say otherwise, it trivializes how serious it was. Paris isn’t a liar, it’s just not who she is.”

Paris is currently being held on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, so she should be released soon.

We pray for her recovery, and hope that she can find a better path!

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