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Things haven’t been going so smoothly for Paris Jackson ever since she was admitted to the hospital for attempting suicide this past week.

The daughter of MJ is currently on a psychiatric hold at the hospital, but was just transferred to one that might be a little too close to home.

According to TMZ, Paris was just transferred to the same LA hospital where her father Michael Jackson died 4 years ago.

Radar Online reports that since she is being transferred, rather than released, it could mean that she might need some intense care that will last longer than anticipated.

A photog for TMZ talked to one of her bodyguards on the way inside, and even though they didn’t answer much, their body language seemed to suggest she was doing better.

There’s no word on how much longer she will be held in the hospital, but at least we know that Paris is under some of the best care and treatment possible.

We are still praying for Paris and hope for a speedy recovery!

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