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Wait! What happened?

Chad Ochocinco got 30 days in jail for giving his male lawyer a celebratory slap on the rear.

That’s right; after the judge told Ocho to congratulate his legal counselor on a job well done for negotiating a plea deal for the footballer following his recent run-ins with the law, somehow Chad found himself going back to jail. 

Check out the video of how it all went down: 

That happened. Inside a United States court here in the good ol’ country of America.

We guess somebody should have told the Broward County judge that this is what athletes do!

Since the judge obviously doesn’t watch sports and is obviously extremely uptight, we decided to give her 14 examples of the celebratory pat on the bum happening with professionals all over America. 

It happens in San Fran.

On stage between siblings.

In the Nati. 

Even in Seattle.

Happens more than twice in the Twin City. 

Happens in Philly, with people who always remember the Alamo.

In Oakland.

Even in Florida. Although it’s Dade County. My bad, D-Wade Country! 

It even happens in St. Louis. 

Happens where they brew beer.  

And where they make cars, but named their team after Tigers. 

Happens in the Lone Star State where “America’s Team” plays.  

It even happens during gangster rap battles. 

And it happens between queens of their respected genres. 

So with all that said…