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The Purge racked up at the box office this weekend. 

The horror flick pulled in $34 million dollars, knocking Fast 6 off from the top spot and becoming the most talked about film of the week. The beauty of it all is that The Purge only cost $3 million to make, winning it the title of the cheapest film to pull the top spot in 25 years. 

Jason Blum, the producer behind the film, managed to make the movie on a small budget – something his company Blum House has become rather good at.

Jason talked to our Sr. Entertainment Editor Xilla Valentine about how he was able to make a hit movie with almost no money. He also hinted about a Purge sequel. 

Jason let us know, “People want to talk about this movie more than any other movie I’ve ever done.”

On how Blum House makes movies for cheap: 

“Everyone above the line works for free. The director works for free. I work for free. The other producers work for free. The actors work for free or scale. So no one gets more than scale. So if the movie is a success, people participate in that. If it’s not they don’t, but because the movie didn’t cost too much money, no one loses too much money. You can’t have a ton of special effects. You can’t have a ton of locations. You can’t have 500 speaking parts or 3,000 extras.”

On if he plans on doing a sequel: 

“I hope so. I don’t know about this family, but I hope to revisit the concept. That all depends if enough people go see it. If they do, there are a lot of different stories you can tell using this idea. If we get the opportunity to, I would be psyched to do it.”

On the black guy being hunted throughout the movie: 

“The black guy is the hero of the movie. He’s the only adult with a moral conscience. The kids have them, but every other white adult in the movie has gone off the rails. The part wasn’t written for a black or a white guy. The guy we used had an amazing audition and we decided to go for it. I liked the fact that the only guy with a moral center was a black veteran. So I thought that was kind of cool.”

The Purge is currently in theaters.