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Solange has mastered something not many can boast: the art of dressing just right, in every print, for every single occasion, no matter what.

We guess that’s a perk that comes with developing a style tailor fit to your lifestyle and personality. Solange may appear to be effortlessly put together at all times, but let’s get real, there is a science to dressing this well.

She’s become infamous for keeping things interesting by not only committing to wearing prints, but by wearing prints at all times and mixing and matching those prints with one another to perfection. It’s a tricky feat, but we’re here to help you do it well – just like SoSo.

Check out some of Solange’s printed looks below and find out why they work.

THE LOOK: Mismatched prints, in the same color palette.

WHY IT WORKS: Solange is no stranger to this game, so she knew that when it comes to pairing the same color prints without looking too busy, the trick is to choose not only the same color palette, but shapes that are moving in the same direction. The dress features a print with soft edges, so to balance out the look, she paired it with a less busy coat with the same soft curved edges in the print. Another plus: the black lapel breaks up the prints and allows the introduction of the black shoes as a compliment and not another distraction.

THE LOOK: Monochrome print matching.

WHY IT WORKS: When you aren’t too confident about how to mix prints, test the waters without color first by keeping the color palette neutral. Solange’s look works because she is mixing two prints that are similar in shape (hello square) but with different consistencies. The pants are the attention grabbers that almost allow the top to play the neutral role in the outfit.

THE LOOK: ’60s inspired printed separates.

WHY IT WORKS: Colors. Colors. Colors. Mixing and matching prints is all about colors and sizes. This works because Solange paired a busy tight printed top with a medium size print on the sides of the pants. The prints embody the same color ranges and the black in the trousers give just enough negative space to keep things moving.

THE LOOK: Polka dot and leopard meet houndstooth sequin.

WHY IT WORKS: At first glance the whole outfit just seems to work, but upon further inspection, it’s clear that these aren’t pieces that conventionally would compliment one another. The trick? Size. The size of the prints on the skirt and the t-shirt are in perfect ratio to one another, so one print doesn’t get the chance to be the bolder star of the ‘fit. As for the leopard print, treat it like a neutral and you’ll always do it right.

THE LOOK: A mismatched jacket and pantsuit.

WHY IT DOESN’T WORK: So here is the truth, even Solange can mess up mixing prints. We’re going to assume that this jacket wasn’t a planned part of the look and was just a quick “throw on and go” addition, but the colors clash and the directions of the prints don’t compliment one another.


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