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As a true ‘vampy’ I could not wait to see the season premiere episode of True Blood. But of course bad and breaking news came before the episode.

When we heard the number of episodes for this season had gone from 12 to 10…

When it opened on blood-drenched Bill/Billith’s red-hazed POV as the 1,000-year-old Viking and part-faerie waitress gape at the reincarnated vampire/god hybrid in horror.

When the radio announces the arrival of Louisiana Gov. Truman Burrell as the True Blood universe’s latest villain.

According to Nora, Warlow is such a big deal because he was Lilith’s progeny, one of the first-ever vampires. So we’re talking more-powerful-than-Russell Edgington here. Like, Sookie…

Sookie tells Bill to get the hell out of town or else, but then Jessica announces she’s now living with Bill and everyone needs to get the hell off their property.

After t-minus several hours of being born, Andy’s four half-faerie babies are now full on talking. 

The typical sexiness of True Blood came out when things got ‘hot and heavy’ in the werewolf world! We thought sexual terms were about to be defined between Alcide and Rikki, but things turned 180. Rikki and new she-were Danielle got pretty intimate.

The episode ends with a nail-biting cliffhanger. Bill hears a voice calling his name, beckoning him into his study. Three blood-soaked vampires who are not Lilith appear, only to zip into his body as we go to credits.

Great, now he’s the reincarnation of four god-like vampires? By the end of the episode I was like…

and cannot wait to see next week’s episode!

Too filled of emotions at this point I cannot even begin to imagine what is in store for the rest of the season. Who will die? What will happen to vampires? I have no idea, but I am more than excited to sit back, freak out, and wait to see what happens.


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