Many people were shocked when news hit that True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis died on Saturday. The man who played Lafayette Reynolds in the vampire show was only 39 years old. Now, more details on his death have been released to The Hollywood Reporter and, apparently, Ellis suffered from drug and alcohol abuse for years. His […]

After Sunday night’s much talked about episode of Game Of Thrones, fans still can’t get enough of the drama series. Now, HBO is giving us a behind the scenes view of the hit show by allowing viewers to go ‘Inside The Episode.’ In Season 4 Episode 3, ‘Breaker Of Chains,’ Cersei Baratheon holds the deceased King Joffrey in […]

True Blood is going away forever. Michael Lombardo, the president of HBO programming, announced yesterday that the vampire show’s seventh season will be its last. Without giving away any actual reason the exciting series is ending, Michael had this to say in a statement: “True Blood has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO. […]

The Season 6 finale of True Blood left fans of the show feigning for the next episode, as vampires were forced to become humans, merging the two very distinct worlds into one. Most noticeable for us, however, was Alexander Skarsgard’s junk all in the camera as he read naked on a mountaintop, and then burned […]

Last week’s episode of True Blood left us with a death toll of two, but if you watched this week’s episode, you would know that the toll has risen to three. Congrats True Blood, you have finally set a new record! We ended knowing that Nora did not stand a fighting chance to live, but […]

Last night’s episode topped the charts on all episodes of season 6 of True Blood so far. A lot went down, even down and dirty, and things got pretty serious and physical, if you know what I mean. If you did not see last night’s episode I ask you to please watch the episode before you […]

Last week’s episode of True Blood left us off with Sookie stopping Warlow with the ball of light in her hand, and calling him by name. With a cliff-hanger like that we couldn’t wait for this week’s episode to begin! Before Sookie could being to rip Warlow “a new one” he lets out a cry […]

Last night’s episode of True Blood brought us one of the answers to the several mysteries we have been asking ourselves since episode one of this season. Warlow’s identity is revealed! And guess who it is…BEN! Were you surprised? If you were like me, I’m guessing not. Besides that, not much excitement occurred throughout the episode […]

We ended episode 2 with the knowledge of humans creating newer and better technology to go against and maybe even kill vampires. With this occurring, all of us ‘yampys’ can only imagine what is to come from it. Deaths? Secrets? Mysteries? Solutions? The stand-off, fight, argument (whatever you want to consider it) between the government and […]

This week’s episode of True Blood was truly GIF remarkable! In past True Blood history, viewers complained how the seasons tended to spiral down into too many storylines, but let me tell you; those people have been proven wrong! Season 6 has the potential to be that much better…so get excited.  Let’s take a look at […]

As a true ‘vampy’ I could not wait to see the season premiere episode of True Blood. But of course bad and breaking news came before the episode. When we heard the number of episodes for this season had gone from 12 to 10… When it opened on blood-drenched Bill/Billith’s red-hazed POV as the 1,000-year-old […]

It’s that time again. True Blood premieres its SIXTH season tonight at 9pm on HBO. Now, I know what you’re thinking: does anyone still watch this show? Well, the short answer is yes. I would agree the plot lines are convoluted, the dialogue is ridiculous and the whole thing is way too campy for its own […]