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This week’s episode of True Blood was truly GIF remarkable!

In past True Blood history, viewers complained how the seasons tended to spiral down into too many storylines, but let me tell you; those people have been proven wrong!

Season 6 has the potential to be that much better…so get excited. 

Let’s take a look at last night’s episode “The Sun” in GIF form below… 

Last night we learned that Warlow IS NOT the same person as Rutger Hauer’s character who, we mentioned, was driving Jason around in the season premiere (or is he?).

But one thing is for sure: SOOKIE AND JASON, DO NOT MESS WITH WARLOW!

We also met the newest character on True Blood, Ben Flynn. Played by Robert Kazinsky, Ben is a handsome, injured, half-fairy man that Sookie finds on her walk to work. In the premiere episode, Sookie mentions that she wants her old life back, so maybe Ben is her chance!

He can help bring back Sook’s supernatural sweet side.

As Bill falls into what seems like a coma, he starts having visions of vampires being tortured by humans. In one of his visions, he finds Lillith and she tells Bill that a tyrant is rising and heralding the beginning of the end.

To add to the ‘what the?!’ moment, Jessica brings Bill a “Human Edible,” which he sucks all of the blood out of. Later, Bill wakes up and we learn that the vampire tortures he envisioned are actually going to occur, meaning Bill can see the future! And what does the future hold? All of the vampires they know being burned alive in a cell.

By the end of the episode, it takes a turn in the direction of the other characters. Eric, Tara, Nora and Pam discover that the humans have now created new and better weapons that can fight vampires (silver bullets that emit UV light). Eric tries to glamour Gov. Burrell after infiltrating his mansion, but it turns out humans have also developed contact lenses that protect them from such hypnosis.

Thank you, episode 2! There is so much more to look forward to in the episodes to come for season 6. We need to solve serious mysteries, but that will just make things that much better!


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