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We ended episode 2 with the knowledge of humans creating newer and better technology to go against and maybe even kill vampires. With this occurring, all of us ‘yampys’ can only imagine what is to come from it. Deaths? Secrets? Mysteries? Solutions?

The stand-off, fight, argument (whatever you want to consider it) between the government and the vampires continues to rise as we begin episode 3 of this season.

Soon after Eric kidnaps the governor’s daughter Willa and takes her to FangTasia. He had serious plans behind this kidnapping because rather than drinking her dry he let her live. Why? She told him some serious news about the humans’ experiments, which happen to be worse than we expected. They are now creating concentration camps for vampires and that is just the beginning of it.

Eric brings Willa and his troops to Ginger to hide. While Eric is dealing with Willa’s begging for a lick of his blood, Ginger answers his phone and who is on the other line? No one other than the Govenor himself asking for the location of his daughter. As the Govenor’s team tries to trace the call, Eric glamors Ginger to stall so once the governor arrives, they are gone and Ginger knows nothing.

After learning he can see the future in last week’s episode, Bill wants to try to prevent his vision of Jessica and all of his loved ones burning in a concentration camp. He insists on seeing the sunrise, but then he bursts into flames. After realizing he’s not G-d, Bill sends Jessica to go get a professor who can synthesize TruBlood (aka Sookie’s blood). Bill pays an unannounced visit to Sookie’s and makes a scene. He telekinetically slams Jason and says, “You’re dead to me, Sookie Stackhouse,” as he exits.

At the end of the episode Andy sets up a meeting with Bill, which he hopes to gain some knowledge of what is going on. As he heads for the meeting with “Vampire Bill,” he sees Bill walking home from Sookie’s and reminds him about the designated curfew. Andy begins to tell Bill the great news that he now has four kids! But Bill doesn’t seem too interested and ends Andy and the episode with, “Children are a blessing,” probably thinking about eating them.”

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