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If you thought Amanda Bynes wasn’t serious about her musical aspirations, this bit of news might be shocking. 

After being offered a record deal with Chinga Chang Records, it seems as though things are really moving forward for the former Nickelodeon actress.

According to RadarOnline, the 27-year-old met with Wyclef Jean at a studio – the location remains undisclosed – this past Monday to work on Amanda’s debut single.

“Wyclef is the perfect producer for Amanda’s first single, because he isn’t only about making records,” a source told Radar. “He’s a humanitarian and politician, so this will not be a typical album.”

The source also added:

“This is something very special. Wyclef is familiar with Amanda’s talent and sound, so it only makes sense to have her sit down with someone of his caliber.”

Yeah, we think someone of Wyclef’s caliber makes sense too when it comes to tapping into whatever potential Amanda Bynes has to make a dope record.

But we’ll see….

SOURCE: RadarOnline