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You know what we love? Kanye West interviews. 

It sounds pretty outlandish, but the best thing about Kanye chats is that you learn something new every time. In his latest with W Magazine, Kanye accepted that his fashion line Dw was a failure, but not because of any fault on his part, simply because the public wasn’t ready for it. 

When asked about his fashion line and how it was received, Kanye said: 

“The first collection was way better than the second,” he says. “It was more artful. It was 30 collections in one. It just takes time for me to slow down and think like a normal person.” Established designers, West notes, are already “in a position to go crazy. I tried to come out of the gate going crazy. And it didn’t work. So now I have to somehow put out something that says, ‘I look sensible!’”

Well, the author of the piece, Christopher Bagley, is suggesting that “sensible” may be an upcoming “men’s capsule collection of jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies” that Kanye collaborated on with French Brand A.P.C to be unveiled in July.

We reported on the rumors that started initially back in February of 2011, when GQ sat down with A.P.C founder Jean Touitou for an interview that turned into a look at Kanye’s future fashion plans. 

Are there more collaborations in the pipeline for 2012? Or anybody you would love to try to work with?

Jean Touitou: Organically? Yes, I can tell about it, it’s mentally in the pipeline, but it’s hard to get organized. I happen to be friends with Kanye West, and we wanted to do something related to clothes that’s not high fashion, probably something more sporty, I would say. But it’s just hard to get the guy out of a plane.

Then, Jean tweeted out the photo above last December, prompting us to believe that he and Kanye have really been putting in that WERK. The W Magazine interview was just the final piece to the puzzle we’d been looking for!