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It’s obvious that Beyonce is following her husband’s advice.


Over the last six months, Bey has dropped two singles, “Bow Down/I Been On” and “Grown Woman,” and then kinda just dipped from the scene, not promoting either of the songs.

Will she do this with her latest single, “Standing on the Sun?” Or, here’s an even better question, is this even a single?

After a demo of the song hit the ‘Net yesterday, the track, which we first heard in her H&M ads, and which she first performed in Belgium earlier in the month, was officially released.

The song is obviously more cheerful than the somewhat mean-spirited “Bow Down/I Been On” and the defiant “Grown Woman.” The song actually reminds us of some Solange sh*t, sounding a lot like her “Losing You” single.  

We’re feeling it. Hopefully her new album will drop sometime this year.

If not, she’ll still be OK. In other cray Beyonce news, the singer was recently named one of the most powerful entertainers in the world by Forbes. 

Bow down, bishes.