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Could it be true?

Two men who both were treated at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for blood cancer, and recieved bone marrow transplants, are now said to be 100 percent cured from HIV.

Not only that, both the men have also quit taking their HIV mediation, one man for 15 weeks and the other for 7 weeks.

The virus as yet to return.

Doctors have theorized that because the men ceased taking their medication before their procedures, this caused the virus to remain at lower levels than usual, thus allowing their new immune cells to not be at risk of infection.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of such incredible news. An American man named Timothy Brown who was treated in Berlin has also been said to no longer have the virus because of a stem cell implant he recieved. Also, in March, an infant was said to be cured by the intensive treatment he/she recieved soon after they became infected.

With all of this amazing news, many believe that in the near future, the world can finally be 100 percent HIV free. However, some are telling the public not to get their hopes up just yet. 

“I don’t think anybody expects a single cure is going to work for everyone, at least not yet,” says Kevin Roberts Frost, the amfAR CEO. “We all see having a multiplicity of options as a very, very good thing.”

We agree. But this is still something to celebrate! 

SOURCE: Forbes