Ok Global Grindettes summer is almost here so you KNOW why I picked my topic this week! He says he had a moment, he was confused, drunk etc. anything to justify his slip into H*edum, only for you to later learn he was simply a Habitual H*e. I know it sounds so cliche’ but honestly as soon as the weather gets nicer, Facebook statuses start changing, things start getting complicated, and I find myself running interference all summer to keep my girls from trying to kill somebody.

Seriously, just last night my artist Ni’chelle Genovese called me because she was at that point. Yall know what point I mean, the point where you feel like you’re losing your mind and you’re either going to bust out somebody’s windows or end up getting the police called on you.  Yes. That point.  


Well, while I was talking to Ni’chelle I was in the studio with Paypa and some of my homeboys, and ladies I was given some insight that I want to share with yall.

The first thing to know is this – if a man is a for real habitual hoe. There is nothing anyone can ever do to change that, and if you feel like that is what your man is.  Let him go.  Yes, he might come back EVERY TIME you guys break up but that’s because he uses you to boost his ego.

He’s proving to himself and his boys (because they do talk) that he can keep a woman on lock, no matter what kind of dirt he does. Yes she’ll leave or get mad but he can always get her back! Mama, you are just a sport to this kind of man!   You get angry and you let him go, he can freely do whatever dirt he was trying to do and after a while the excitement isn’t there anymore.  He doesn’t have to worry about getting caught or acting like he’s 007 to cover his a$$ or make up lies.  ‘Ms. New Booty’ that caught his attention turns into ‘old booty’ and you start to look exciting again.  That habitual hoe hunter mentality is now being redirected towards you as he starts wondering if he can actually get you back.  This is where we have to learn to differentiate between an honest man and a habitual h*e.


I need all my ladies to really understand me because we have to start putting our foot down.

Anyone can make a mistake, but a man that makes a mistake every other month or every summer is playin you!  Habitual H*es will even sink so low as to use the words ‘Love, Commitment, Forever’  whatever he thinks it will take to make you fold.  An honest man at this point will do whatever he needs to in order to win your trust back.  You may have to work at it and trust me I know!  Being cheated on is not an easy thing to get over.  But when you see he is trying a month, two months, three months later…you’ll know he is for real.  A habitual h*e on the other hand can’t keep up the disguise forever. When you start to notice the same patterns and warning signs, it’s time to go and stay gone.

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