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When 2K Games announced that they were going to release a sequel to their ‘Mafia’ title, I thought it was going to be something they just throw out there and hope it makes a few dollars to pour into ‘Bioshock 3’ or something. 


Boy was I wrong. In the weeks leading up to this year’s past E3 convention, 2K started a blitz of an awareness campaign around the organized crime world game. One of the things they did was have a lamp created with one of the most popular weapons in the era in which the game takes place. This handcrafted and numbered (only 200 made yatches!), limited edition 1911 handgun lamp kicks collectable buttocks.

The lamp on it’s own is good quality. The shade uses a durable cloth-like material and the base is metal. This isn’t one of those 99-cent specials with a sticker slapped on it. So know that it’s not just decoration. It’s actually meant to be used. I’d send it to my mom but ya know, it’s a gun lamp. The 1911 pistol looks amazingly real. The detail put into it is nothing short of awesome. Right after unboxing it, I took the shade off and walked around the crib yelling ‘break yo self’ repeatedly. What can I say O-Dog remains an inspiration. With that said, if you happen to be lucky enough to get one of these, don’t go waving it around outside. That I promise you would not end up well.

Now if this was a way for this writer to be sucked into finding out more about the game, it worked. I wanted to know why the hell would 2K put so much money into getting attention for the title. So when I asked, I found out that these folks put a shit load of brain power into this game.

Ok, so it’s set in the 1940s and 50s in the gangster era of mafia dudes running around all willy nilly. You play a noob wise guy who’s been broke all of his life trying to get in. Of course you can get into the life of organized crime but you’re not going to just walk in. What you think this is a rap career? You and your diaper buddy Joe have have to prove yourself first. Cars must be stolen, maybe a few ‘protection’ rackets here and there so that your name makes its way up to the big guys. Eventually, you want to become a made man.

What does this have to do with the lamp? It’s the same gun they use in the game silly lips! The 1911 handgun, perfect for putting holes in people, places and things.

Being the oddball I am, I’m really looking forward to the music in the game. Mafia II will have actual songs from that era that will put you right in the time of Tommy guns and wing tipped shoes.  I think I want to go watch The Untouchables now. I want some french fries too. 

Oh! I asked a rep from 2K why’d they do a lamp to promote the game. The answer was so simple I could’ve smacked myself. 

The lamp is to show off the gun.

Well played, Mafia II people, well played.

Mafia II drops on August 24th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Games for Windows LIVE

You can get more info on the game HERE!

I’ll be posting some shots of the game soon along with a review with or without a hangover.