We recently reported that Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson had an affair for a year while Jackson was married to his first wife. But apparently, Whitney couldn’t get enough of Jackson even after the affair was over and called him all the time! DETAILS: Whitney Houston’s Private Affair With A Jackson Brother Revealed According to The […]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon revealed their twin’s names via Twitter yesterday and they stunned the world with their selection of forenames for their baby girl and boy. Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon are interestingly different names, but Mariah and Nick’s baby name selection is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes […]


If you’ve ever thought about turning your XBox Kinect into something more than a game controller, keep reading. The Kinect (or Project Natal) was launched last November and since its release, enterprising gamers, artists and scientists, have transformed the system beyond Microsoft’s original intentions. Microsoft insists their controller was never hacked. Nevertheless, some innovative ‘readjustments’ […]

The city of Juarez has its share of problems and now it can add a new videogame to the list.   ‘Call of Juarez: The Cartel’ is slated for publication across several platforms this summer. The Ubisoft shoot em up takes place in the border town of Juarez and state legislators there want the Mexican […]

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and that includes all of the shopping before the ‘Season of Giving’ begins. There have been a release of some pretty cool video games this year, the whole video game world has developed so much and has become a gamers best friend! NBA 2k11, and Halo Reach are some […]

        For the past few months, the gaming world has been bombarded with new motion technology like Microsoft’s Kinect, Playstation’s Move and the O.G. of them all Nintendo’s Wii console. While the genre is still relatively new, all the competitors are going in full power to win the loyalty of us seditary […]


The basketball game we all loved is back! That’s right, NBA Jam is coming to Nintendo’s Wii! With help from the original NBA Jam creator, Mark Turmell, EA Sports developed a new version of the game. The new NBA Jam gives the consumer the choice between motioned based or classic controllers and more than 100 […]

Fresh Kut Ave. is one of the up and coming premier online destinations for the, ?What?s what? and, ?Who?s Who? of the Internet. The target audience for FKA is the primetime go getter 20 something men and women. The audience is motivated and driven by fashion, music, sports, gadgets, events, and personal interests. Fresh Kut […]

There is no better way to spend a Friday than with some retail therapy. Vanessa Hudgens was spotted in Studio City, California, partaking in such yesterday. It seems as if Vanessa is about to have some video game fun as she and a friend are seen walking with an X-Box 360 and some games. Hudgen’s […]


Uh-oh, Nintendo! The Wii has finally got some competition with the introduction of the Xbox 360 Kinect. Much like Nintendo’s Wii, the Xbox 360 Kinect gets gamers active and all the way involved with their games. However, unlike the Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect recognizes users body motions and facial expressions without the help of a […]


When 2K Games announced that they were going to release a sequel to their ‘Mafia’ title, I thought it was going to be something they just throw out there and hope it makes a few dollars to pour into ‘Bioshock 3’ or something.    Boy was I wrong. In the weeks leading up to this […]


Paint your room dope with these wall graphics from Blik, the world’s first removable wallpaper company.  With many collaborations with artists and designers from diverse genres there are plenty of aesthetics to choose from. Scott Flora and Jerinne Neil came to this innovation out of necessity while see-sawing between wallpaper or paint.  Blik offers a […]