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For the past few months, the gaming world has been bombarded with new motion technology like Microsoft’s Kinect, Playstation’s Move and the O.G. of them all Nintendo’s Wii console. While the genre is still relatively new, all the competitors are going in full power to win the loyalty of us seditary lifestyle experts.


Playstation brought out the big guns recently to publicize the release of ‘The Fight: Lights Out’. A game that centers around an underground fighting ring where gloves are non-existent. Star of Robert Rodriguez’ gritty smashterpiece ‘Machete’ Danny Trejo, was one of Playstation’s celebrity guests to take ‘Lights out’ for a whirl.


‘Light’s Out’ puts users in the position to move (no pun intended…maybe) away from cutesy fly swatters and tennis rackets found in other motion-based games. Your objective is to beat the crap out of your opponents in bare-knuckled combat and guess what, you do it with motion controllers.


Maybe through enough gameplay we’ll be able to develop the same abs as Danny. Ok, maybe not.


‘The Fight: Lights Out’ hits stores November 9 and Playstation Move controllers are available now.