elayna lopez

Elayna Lopez, 21, aka E-Money, is a professional dancer from D.C. with some of the dopest style to walk the streets of NYC! We caught up with the glam-rock ballerina, who kicks off our weekly Style series, to find out a little bit more about the lady behind the threads. Tell us about growing up […]

        For the past few months, the gaming world has been bombarded with new motion technology like Microsoft’s Kinect, Playstation’s Move and the O.G. of them all Nintendo’s Wii console. While the genre is still relatively new, all the competitors are going in full power to win the loyalty of us seditary […]


This is by far one piece of ultimate gamer furniture.  I don’t know what can be more cooler for a game room than a PlayStation Controller Coffee Table. A combination of gaming and decor, this piece of furniture was created by an Australian Industrial Technology student.The controller is made out of plywood, medium density fiberboard, […]

Hey guys, it me Kandy, back with another game review. This time, I was fortunate enough to review DJ Hero for PS3.     Once I got the game home, my brother wasted no time opening the box and popping the batteries into the wireless DJ set.  After a few tutorials by the resident Dj […]