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No…don’t worry, our beautiful Simone is not dead…

GG blogger and Russell Simmons‘ assistant, Simone Reyes was part of a PETA demonstration in Times Square yesterday to bring attention to the unethical treatment of animals.

Protesters were wrapped like pieces of meat for sale in the middle of Times Square yesterday by PETA to raise awareness for vegetarianism.  PETA is trying to present animals to be as human as us and they have had red paint splattered on near naked bodies with fervent protesters holding up signs that say ‘Meat is Murder’. 

They hope to turn a few people veg, but even if they do not transform people’s eating habits immediately, they definitely pulled a large enough stunt to provoke a public conversation about the issue which is more of what can evoke real change.  Whether or not people eat meat, it is more important for citizens to sit down and ponder what ‘meat’ really is in modern society.

PETA’s argument is that animals feel just as much emotions as humans and that meat eaters are engaging in a variation of cannibalism.  With stickers advocating ‘Billions of animals are abused and violently killed because you eat meat.  Get help! Visit‘, the message is clear. 


We have become so far removed from our food source in modern contemporary life especially in urban areas that to relate to meat as the corpse of an animal is an alienating concept at times.  PETA, although extreme has very valid points and asks questions pertinent to America’s obsession with processed food. 



Although raw meat is not typically a boxed food, the way in which it is packaged has made it easier for consumers to see it as a lifeless product like crackers.   Even if spectators may not turn vegetarian right after witnessing this event, important questions will be asked regarding the meat industry, the American eating habit, and also our view towards animals.