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If you’re as excited about tonight’s Jersey Shore premiere as we are, you’re probably planning a viewing party. You’re got your hair gel-ed and bumped, your spray on tan applied. Your fridge is stocked full of smirnoff, you’ve got your Red Solo cups on deck and  lasagna in the oven. No Jersey Shore viewing is complete with the right soundtrack, though, and to really get the jersey shore experience your music needs to be of the fist-pumping variety. Forget Jock Jams, check out our list of the biggest fist pumping anthems ever. Starting off with a new song by O’Neal McKnight inspired by the incomparable Snooki.



Artist: O’Neal McKnight

Song: ‘Do the Snooki’


Artist: La Bouche

Song: ‘Be My Lover’




Artist: Daft Punk

Song: ‘One More Time’


Artist: Benny Benassi

Song: ‘Satisfaction’

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