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Those bad girls don’t get enough. Last night’s episode was of course filled with normal bad girl antics which include booze, boys, and roommate battles. These ladies are surely doing their thing keeping viewers entertained, while showing them the way bad girls get down.

Check out this weeks GOOD, BAD and UGLY of the Bad Girls Club episode three



Despite the usual bickering the girls got in some bonding time and all went to get tattoos. That is everyone except Erica who opted not to get inked with her roommates, which caused a slight rift with the group. Despite her absence the girls shared this memorable moment, some even getting Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club logo. 



Philly bad girl Cat really turned it up on the house after a disagreement with Erica’s boy toy Jeff. It all started when Jeff and Cat were at the bar and Jeff refused to pay for drinks. In Cat’s mind this made Jeff pathetic and broke and not worthy Erica’s ‘time’. Despite being warned by Cat, Erica brings Jeff home. By this time Jeff had become increasingly annoyed by Cat and the whole situation, yet this doesn’t overpass the anger that has begun to rumble in Cat who after confronting Jeff about being disrespectful by the pool, stops using her words and proceeded to spit on him and followed by throwing water at him. CRAZY!



If Cat going off on Jeff was the bad moment then I am sure you are wondering which moment from last night’s crazy episode was ugly. Well that moment was when Blondie Kristen after a night of drinking and dancing comes home and decides to tell Erica that the rest of the house can’t stand her. Blondie’s drunken rage fuels Erica and the two go at it. Before you know it glasses are being knocked down, things are being flipped over and Kristen is apprehended by producers. This only leaves one question, will she be going home? 


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