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Maybe not necessarily the end of that particular reality show, but definitely the end of the inspirational TV shows. By no means am I discrediting MTV’s Jersey Shore…but even some of my Italian friends admit its probably one of the most tasteless shows, giving the worst impressions of Italian culture. I’ve never taken a moment to watch it, but this blog isn’t about Snookie and crew.

The other day while on a call, someone asked me why I thought MTV’s Runs House was a great show? I knew my answer would be biased based on my relationship with the Simmons organization but I could only give the answer that was truly in my heart. Before I reveal my response, I’m not saying Runs House is a black only show because I don’t believe it is, but the true fact of the matter is I am black, and my response reflects my upbringing as an African American.

My answer was as follows: There were 2 things that made me happy when I was a kid, playing outside with my friends and watching TV. My mother hated the fact that my siblings and I watched so much TV. She’d call it an ‘idiot’ box and limit the shows we’d watch. My mothers most popular phrase was ‘I don’t want you watching any of those white shows’. Funny thing about that was our much respected grandfather couldn’t take his eyes off ‘All In The Family’ which was the most racist TV show on the planet. The other funny thing was there were no real inspirational African American TV shows!!

We watched The Jeffersons, Different Strokes and any other TV shows that had a hint of a n**uh getting out of the ghetto. Don’t get me wrong, we watched Good Times and What’s Happening too but what was the sense in watching that?? We were already living that lifestyle of poverty. Those shows had comedic elements but  also showed one truthful side about African American culture…Family is the root to our happiness!!

Some of you may disagree but I’ve seen it first hand across the country. When Rev, Justine and myself were going to book signings for ‘Take Back Your Family’ millions of people uttered the same phrases..’I love MTV’s Runs House. I love your family. I have the same thing going on in my household’. It wasn’t only black people saying it, it was EVERYONE!!! Each individual had his own personal connection to MTV’s Runs House. It felt so good to know this modern day Cosby show could effect so many people in a positive way. With all this positive energy I wonder why Runs House isn’t on one of the major networks??

Its sad that people don’t realize that seeing inspiration aspires inspiration (I’m hoping that makes sense). So,in essence, I guess the end is near for positive TV shows if you look at it from my point of view. But at the end of the day…there will always be family!!

Rasheed Young
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