13 Things We Miss About Biggie


13 years ago on this date the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic passed away.  Notorious B.I.G. was more than a rapper to some people…he was a hero, a trend setter, poet, lyricist & role model put all in one. If Biggie put on a funny hat, the whole brooklyn would be wearing it supporting him. The amount of power Biggie had on the people was almost equivalent to president Obamas’.

13 years he’s been gone but he will never be forgotten. Some times I wish I was growing up in the era of Biggie. I know O was a young’n when he passed & it may have seemed like I didn’t understand what was going on, but I do know on this day we lost a legend. Think about it…13 years since Biggie’s death and every thing has changed so much.

As much as we love hearing Diddy singing (Sarcasm) on the track, he just doesn’t sound right without his partner in crime. Here are 13 things we miss about Biggie Smalls, the rap genuis.

1. Diddy Singing/Talking On ‘Who Shot Ya!’

08 08 Who Shot Ya

2.  Lil’ Kim

I’m not saying Big was the only reason Lil Kim was hot but we miss Lil Kim.


3.  Coogie x Versace Shades

Now a days Louis Vuitton, Gucci &a