The Daily Grind Video

My career started back around the age of 14 when I was a young dude.  My father currently has about 40 years of experience in the industry as a professional producer and engineer.  So I just did what my father does and messed around in production and engineering music.  My interests really peaked when I got my shot writing lyrics and mixing beats for a local artist.  My first check for one of my tracks was $500 and at 14 that was a “whole lotta” money.  After that I was hooked!

I spent the next few years finding and developing talent for other management companies.  I felt like I was just giving away money so I decided what better way to double my funds then to open my own. 


Strong Arm management with my boy Freezy was my first business venture and it was a great way to keep the money in house.  Everyone always says to “work smarter not harder” so I figured it was time to get on board.

In 2000, I signed his first record deal with Warner Brothers and they brought me on as a producer. After a  brief stay with Warner Brothers l began working with the Miami based record label Poe Boy Entertainment as a producer, engineer and promoter. It was an opportunity to learn about the importance of every role of a music company everyone from street team members up to CEO.   I got a full grasp of the waxes and wanes surrounding the music industry through works with Timberland, Akon, Black Eyed Peas and Trick Daddy.

Flo-Rida and I met back in middle school (Carol City) and then we went on to the same high school.  Back then I was a football player and our music careers were never the topic of discussion.   At the time I was focused on my own personal career as an artist; it was Freezy  who brought it to my attention that Flo-Rida was involved in music.  I decided to put my own personal projects on hold and work with him because I knew with our combined talents and experience it would be a smart business venture.  We just never knew it was going to blow up as big as it did!


We traveled through 80 countries on a world-wide tour, did big business and rocked it.  I acted as engineer, producer, tour manager and right hand man for four years.   But then came the time to work smarter one more time!  I had to make moves and start a new venture.  It was an opportunity to make more money and bank roll it.  It was also about what was best for the family, and boy do I come from a large one.  I have always had plans to work on my solo career.  Flo is good with his right now and it is time to get back on my grind!  I got a lot done and a lot more experience and I need to put what I have into my new label!  It’s GameOver and I am about to come in crazy hard and shut it down.  Like Mike did to basketball….GameOver!


After coming off a South Florida concert tour with Rick Ross we already have about 15 more cities lined up working with some other major artists.  My first solo single “Mr. BankRoll” is about to drop and the doors to my record label; GameOver Records just opened up. Already we are making major moves!  We are coming around that last lap about to hit the straight away; I just hope they know I doing about 110mph.

-4 Mill | follow me @4MILL