An exclusive excerpt from TIME about Paris Hilton’s upcoming memoir shares reflections about her choice to have an abortion. Read more inside.

The internet is not here for the socialite's singing career. At all.

Chris Brown is once again in trouble with the law, Keyshia Cole's father happens to be a famous boxing trainer & more

Celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey passed away on Friday from an apparent suicide. He was only 37 years old.

She's gone from being the cute daughter of Lionel Richie, to a socialite who went to rehab, to a dedicated wife and mother, all in 34 years

Everyone loves a good prank. Making Paris Hilton think she was about to die in a plane crash for the sake of television was not – we repeat, not – a good one. In a video that surfaced over the weekend, the socialite can be seen screaming and crying while aboard what was supposed to be […]

Many pranks seen on TV are pretty standard, but the one pulled on Paris Hilton, was pretty extreme. An Egyptian TV show captured Paris freaking out as she was getting convinced the plane she was in was about to crash. According to Gossip Cop, The clip is from the Arab show “Ramez in Control,” also known as […]

What the hell is going on in hip-hop? Diddy’s out on bail for assault, Tyga thought it was a good idea to “surprise” release his Gold Album, Rick Ross is in jail for assault and kidnapping, and now Scott Storch is bankrupt. Despite being one of the hottest producers on the planet in the ’99-2000s, […]

The jokes on you, Robin Thicke. Earlier today, reports said that Robin and his girlfriend’s dog got into some weed. The dog had reportedly been back to the vet twice in a week for the same issue, but it turns out it was actually garlic he ate – not marijuana. Close call. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter announced that […]