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It seems as though Nicole Richie has lived multiple lives in one lifetime.

She’s gone from being the cute little daughter of Lionel Richie, to a famous socialite who went to rehab, to a dedicated wife and mother, all in 34 short years.

Nicole and her BFF Paris Hilton took pop culture by storm after bursting onto the reality show scene (and making the genre popular) with their hit series The Simple Life in 2003. During that era, Nicole fell victim to the negative effects of the Hollywood party scene.

She’d been arrested multiple times, failed drug tests, and even spent 82 whole minutes in jail. But the mom of two and wife of Joel Madden has done a complete one-eighty. She is now a business savvy actress, writer, and fashion designer, who won “Entrepreneur of the Year” for her House of Harlow 1960 brand at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Even though we let the past be the past, we’re taking a look back at vintage Nicole Richie–when life was simple, and she and Paris Hilton ran Hollywood.

Happy Birthday, Nicole.


21 Photos Of Nicole Richie Back When Life Was Simple
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