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What if Tupac Shakur was still alive? He would be on his 20th album with topics of discussion like Obama,gas prices and the clone rappers that bite his style. He would’ve been in Haiti helping rebuild lives with a haitian flag bandana tied to the front of course. Him and Biggie would’ve realize that the beef was stupid and be thankful that the on goin fued didn’tt end in bloodshed. He would give MTV interviews speaking on what he thinks of rappers going to prison (gucci,boosie,t.i.wayne) I could hear him now like ‘Just stay real and when you get out bomb on these busters’. He would never tattoo his face but get a few meaningful tats that might read ‘BulletProof’ or ‘Against All Odds’. He would have a son named ‘Lil’ Pac’ that would get 5.5 million hits on Youtube with his in-studio proformance of his single ‘ Son Of A Ridah’ off his Mixtape ‘Unborn Child’. His twitter name would be @MakaveliThaDon7 his most recent tweet would be something like …’All of my 76 million followers better go get ‘Unborn Child’ Now or it’s #ALLOUTWARFARE RT’ He might have a song with Jezzy,Bun B,Gucci,Rick Ross & Yo Gotti named ‘Even Tho I Sell Rocks’ produced by Swizz Beatz with a chopped up sample of the classic line from his touching song ‘Dear Mama’… ‘Even though I sell rocks /It feels good putting money in ya mailbox’ . I know it’s just a what if, but many of us that 2Pac made cry,laugh & cheer will still be obsessed with the late ‘Black Jesus’ … I can see followers on twitter now @MakaveliDaDon7 pleazzzze follow me im your biggest fan!! … But Aren’t we all? R.I.P Tupac Shakur your are deeply missed.    (Peace & Love… D.Darrell)

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