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Comedian and actor Eddie Griffin is back at it once again! The funny man has teamed up with Comedy Central to create his own stand-up comedy special ‘You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It,’ which premieres tonight, Saturday, February 19 at 11 PM ET/PT on Comedy Central

GlobalGrind caught up with the busy comedian to talk about Michelle Obama, his favorite curse word, and who inspired him to begin a career in acting.

GlobalGrind: GlobalGrind got a chance to watch ‘You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It,’ which is pretty hilarious. What inspires your new material?

Eddie Griffin: Just living in general, the things you agree and disagree with.

You talked a lot about Michelle Obama, so do you have a crush on her?

Who doesn’t? I mean, when she walked into the white house, even white men were like ‘My God!’  She is a true sista.

So if you were Barack Obama, and Michelle was your wife, what laws would you enact?

I would have a law that the first lady gets here own stylist, make-up line etc. You know if Beyonce can have her own perfume, then Michelle has got to have one too.

Good Point.

I mean, Barack and Michele have the job of taking everybody else’s problems than they should at least be able to make a little money on the side. I mean, the Bush’s made a little money on the side…

So, when you first stepped on the stage to do Def Comedy Jam, how nervous were you?

I wasn’t scared, just anxious to do what I do.

How did you feel after you received a standing ovation?

I felt like WE finally had a real career path. After Russell Simmons put together this platform for African American comedians to do their thing, I walked off the stage and knew I had a career in this and I could feed my family.

In your opinion, who are the top five greatest comedians of all time?

Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Moms Mabley, Dick Gregory and Red Foxx. Throw Robert Harris in there too!

Speaking of Richard Pryor, there has been talk of someone doing a movie about him and your name came up for consideration. Is this project still in the works? We haven’t heard anything in about a year or so.

When you find out something let me know.

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What’s your favorite curse word?


You played a pimp in the movie “Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo.” If you were a pimp what would your name be?


What does that stand for?

Daddy Look Good. (laughs)

You do great impressions of Michael Jackson. Did you ever get the chance to meet him?

Michael and I were good friends. We were working on a movie script together prior to his passing.

What do you