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As you know NBA All Star Weekend has taken over Los Angeles, and with cars, teddy bears and lost little kids, the biggest names in basketball are going H.A.M. this weekend. Here at GlobalGrind we thought it would be cool to put together our own Hip Pop All-Star Team, to rival the All Stars of Basketball. Not in hoops, but just in awesomeness. 

PHOTOS: GlobalGrind 2011 Hip Pop East All Stars 

We’ve split our favorite Hip-Pop celebrities into East vs. West based on their accomplishments and where they are from and where they live. Yesterday we gave you our Hip Pop East team, today we give you the Hip Pop West team.

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First up, we have the Kardashians. The family pulled in 65 million dollars last year and with new shows popping up left and right they are bound to rake in more dough than 200 bake shops, 400 pizzerias and 3 Pillsbury factories. Now that’s a lot of dough! 


Chris Brown just purchased a 1.75 million dollar condo in West Hollywood. When you add in a hit movie, a Grammy nod and a new album called ‘F.A.M.E.’ on the way, Breezy was a shoe in for our All Star squad.  


Sure Beyonce took a few years off, but she’s still on top of the Forbes list. Jay-Z still raps these dudes ain’t got his lady money. Because they don’t! Beyonce is a Houston hottie and a member of our All Star team.


Eminem has the best rap album, he had the best commercial during the Super Bowl, and arguably had the best verse on every track he was featured on. Marshall Mathers is a beast.


Willow Smith signed to RocNation, had one of the biggest records of the year and she has grown ups whipping their hair. So when the ballot came around Willow was a lock to be on the Hip Pop All Star Squad.


Weezy is our favorite Nola born Packer fan. He put our 2 albums while serving a jail sentence, only to come home and drop one of the dopest songs in a long time. 6 Foot, 7Foot goes hard.


Megan Fox not only moved on from her role in Transformers, one of the biggest movie series in the world. She also got married, and if finding love isn’t a great year, we don’t know what is.

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