Wow. Talk about outrage. Although many people agreed with my point of view regarding the socially acceptable ways women prostitute themselves, it looks like the haters are still out in full force and twisting my words around (I saw in the NY Post that even a few of the cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey chimed in – why so sensitive? Does the truth sting a bit too much?).

I even had a nut job chase me down on the street this weekend while walking my dogs – she followed me home, screaming and cursing at me the entire time, threatening me, and she had much of it recorded on her iPhone (can’t wait to see that terrifying experience posted somewhere).  So, let me clarify a few things so you call understand. I wasn’t saying ‘all women’ use men for money – I said many, to varying degrees, do.  Whether it’s dating in exchange for jewelry and clothes, or being in a loveless relationship with someone you’re not attracted to simply for the sake of having financial security, it all comes down to compromising yourself in exchange for being taken care of by a man. This is ingrained in us as little girls – find a prince, find a rich man to marry, date someone with the means to care for you.

I don’t endorse any of these types of relationships and believe that the only healthy relationship is one in which there is love, mutual respect, attraction and friendship (I really hope to find that for myself one day).  But just be honest about what’s worse here – the woman who is deceiving men into thinking they’re in love so they can cash in, the woman who sacrifices her life in a meaningless relationship because she is complacent and too afraid to leave the money to search for something more meaningful, or the ‘prostitute’ who doesn’t pull any punches and is honest about her expectation of receiving financial consideration for sex (at least that’s honest and everyone’s expectations are clear).  I’m not certain one is any better or more ethical than the other – but I do know that each one is unhealthy – and if you’re labeling one of them a “prostitute,” then be honest and call all of them prostitutes. 

A trophy wife who doesn’t truly love her husband is like being a prostitute on payroll, and a gold digger is like a prostitute who accepts payment in the form of merchandise instead of cash.

Wake up, ladies.

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