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Once again, beef is brewing on Twitter. Although, the parties involved say they’re ‘just playing around’, I cant help but wonder how come every other day these celebs are invoved in drama via Twitter?

The latest culprits are: Fabolous and Bow Wow. While fab was going in on #flo-rida’shairline, another person (LowkeyUHTN) started the trending topic #fabsteeth. Why? Because he felt that Fab picked on people too much on Twitter:



Once the #fabsteeth trending topic began, word eventually spread to Bow Wow, prompting him to join in on the ‘fun’:



Although Fab didn’t respond to the #fabsteeth tweets right away, he told BowWow:


Since this has happened, Fab has started another trending topic against Bow Wow (#sorrybowwow) and Bow Wow has gone on Ustream to ‘address’ the situation but adding fuel to the fire by saying ‘everytime Fab types on twitter, I get paid’…
Check in with GG to get updates on the drama!