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Well, if I was brain chained to the blogs (I am kinda) I would totally believe that Russell gets it on with Flipper. Why? It’s because he recently held an event to help endangered dolphins off the coast of Japan. According to the internet, if Uncle Rush lends a hand to help any cause, he’s automatically shagging everyone involved. Those poor, poor dolphins, their blow holes aren’t for that!

I heard that last night on Chealsea Lately Russ was giving Ashley Dupre the ol’ veggie sausage. I gave Russell a call to see if he saw it…and he did. The first thing he asked was ‘Why do I have to be f***ing everything I’m trying to help?’ Real talk, if you think about it, almost every week someone is reporting that Russ is smashing a different woman. Last week, it was Victoria Silvstedt, before that it was Sophie Monk and some have even hinted that he even had Amber Rose and Hindi actress Mallika Sherawat in his crosshairs. Coincidentally, all of these women except for Victoria and Mallika are bloggers for Global Grind but if the gossip blog formula is right, both of them should be sending us one right now. 

I just checked my email and there’s nothing from Mallika or Victoria but some prince hit me up asking to help him free up a few million bucks and he’ll cut me in if I send him some money. I’d like to think that deep down no one reporting this stuff actually believes it but the scary part is that a lot of folks reading it probably do.

-The Blackspot