david bechham

Is English soccer star David Beckham about to pull a Kobe Bryant? The handsome athlete and underwear designer is said to be in talks to buy Elizabeth Taylor’s massive jewelry collection from Christie’s after the collection completes its tour before heading to auction in New York in December. PHOTOS: Victoria & David Beckham Welcome A Baby […]

WARNING: This is meant to be light-hearted (so you can chillax startin now, foooo(L)s! 😉 xoMS ReminiscensSses from a year in the life of a Bollywood star living in Hollywood on India’s Independence Day celebration… Earlier this week I was the grand marshal for the India Day parade in Edison, NJ. They said it was […]

For those unfamiliar with Bollywood, it is the term used for the Hindi-language film industry based out of India. It’s not the whole Indian film industry, it is just part of it, but it is undoubtedly the most popular and most commercial. The term Bollywood was created by combining Bombay (the city now called Mumbai, […]

It feels like just yesterday when I was on my 16th Bollywood film. I remember it so vividly… I began the day, like I always do, with my merry band of servants (my American advisers keep telling me to call them “domestic staff”;-) and went to the airport. I was walking thru the terminal in […]

The key word in this is global. I know a lot of you might not know who these women are, but you probably should. So check out our official list of Bollywood hotties.      Bipasha Basu Quick Quote: Bollywood’s bootylicious babe Bipasha Basu has told that she does not lie to be in limelight. “I […]

Well, if I was brain chained to the blogs (I am kinda) I would totally believe that Russell gets it on with Flipper. Why? It’s because he recently held an event to help endangered dolphins off the coast of Japan. According to the internet, if Uncle Rush lends a hand to help any cause, he’s automatically shagging everyone involved. […]