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WARNING: This is meant to be light-hearted (so you can chillax startin now, foooo(L)s! πŸ˜‰ xoMS

ReminiscensSses from a year in the life of a Bollywood star living in Hollywood on India’s Independence Day celebration…

Earlier this week I was the grand marshal for the India Day parade in Edison, NJ. They said it was the biggest ever, due to my “clout”— even tho alot of people on Twitter may have thought it was b/c I was gonna wear an Indian tri-colored flag bikini LOL, probably since I was recently (and scandalously!) caught in a sSseductive pose with my body draped in the American flag on American’s Independence Day this past July 4th… so I thought maybe for India’s Independence Day on August 15th being the first diva from India to don a bikini of our flag would show my home-country some pride!—then I realized I’d be tooootally arrested upon return to my homeland– (The Indian government has laws against that sort of thing:-(…instead of being able to attend the world premiere of my monstrously-hyped new film HISSS.

Here’s me double-fisting it 

Then I thought it’d be really patriotic (and cute:) if I wore a dhoti on India Day like Gandhi, father of the modern country—but, same deal, incarceration– so I said, no thanks. (Sure, never having been to jail, I thought I could make the most of it, that I’d do more catwalk than perp-walk on the runway to infamy. Free Mallika!)


can u just imagine me in one, too?

I’ve made a fair amount of news this past year living in Los Angeles, and I’ve embraced it all for one reason: to help bring our two countries closer together! (And what a year it’s been! I’m not being full of myself, just recounting my year here, k?) The first Bollywood star honored by Hollywood at City Hall, first star from Asia invited to the Twitter headquarters (where I taught @ev and @biz how to dance B’wood style;), first Indian diva to have a Hollywood milkshake named after her, immortalized in the <a href='

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