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A few months ago, I wrote a blog in support of Trevor Casey and his family.You’ll remember that Trevor was the young boy beaten and bloodied by the police department in Toledo, OH.Following the incident – video of which can be viewed below – the Toledo Police Department launched an internal investigation to gauge whether excessive force was used. I’m not sure I need the results of a report to prove to me that these officers crossed the line.I was shocked that the investigation lasted so long, but my jaw dropped at learning that the results were “inconclusive” – meaning they could not prove or disprove whether excessive force was used. Add to that a constantly delayed trial date and it’s no wonder Trevor has slipped into a depression. According to his mother, Karen, he believes that the men who did this to him are getting away with it. I agree fully.What do you all think? Do you agree with the results of the investigation?? Let me know.


Love & Light,