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With your Host:  Mike “MTM” Mauldin

What is your perception of NASCAR? I have a friend that says that it is barbaric, racist and not for people of color!  Some says that it seems boring to watch cars go around and around and the only thing that really matters is the end.  What do you think?  Why R U not into it?  Have u ever been to a NASCAR race?

NASCAR is what many call an all American sport.  It is loved and watched mostly by white men, over the age of forty, who primarily live in the southeastern parts of the United States.  Many still wave the confederate flag and most drive pickup trucks and dare themselves to drive anything else but American made automobiles.  As a matter of fact; only in the last ten years has the sport grown be prominently recognized by people of all races and nationalities, especially since Ricky Bobby came to the movie screen; saying “if you aint first, you’re last”. Fans are now showing up @ the tracks driving Toyota’s, Mercedes Benz, BMW’s, Porsche’s and Bentley’s.  Check this out; the first time I rolled up to the Richmond International Speedway, riding in Mike’s all white Bentley, we got some serious looks and stares, not just because of the car but because we were black and driving the car.

Representing the Fast Life has awarded me the opportunity to be a part of this sport, they call NASCAR.  Where cars go around and around for sometimes as much as 500 laps or in the case of the Daytona Motor Speedway, 200 laps around, because the track itself is 2.5 miles around in length.  @ Daytona the cars get up to 220 miles per hour down the straight aways, with an average speed of 185 MPH>>> DAMN THAT’S FAST!!!  The Daytona track seats over 160,000 people and is pretty much always sold out.  In all honesty; like most sporting events these days NASCAR has had a drop in attendance, due to the invasion of the negative economy, but just about every week, there are still damn near 80,000 to 100,000 people in attendance, at any & all the tracks (38 wks out of a year) . 

You may wonder why I tell you all this; It’s just because I want you all to know that this sport can be shared by all of us, as long as you like cars, speed, noise, bright colors and have a love for excitement.  Trust me; this sport should be embraced by most hip hop & urban lifestyle enthusiasts!  Cars are a huge part of our culture and our culture is now spreading to all parts of the world, all races and all ages.  Let’s do this damn thang!  What are we waiting on?

Over the last five years, I have developed many relationships with drivers, team owners, pit crews and the senior management of the sport itself.  I hang out with Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Brian Vickers, Kyle Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr.  One of my greatest awards has been the introduction to many corporate partners of the sport, many whom have desires to connect to an urban audience and the type of community involvement that caters to the Youth, Blacks, Asians, Latino’s and females.  Is that you?  Its time to step up and take notice!  Let’s embrace this culture by playing and sharing our music, our lifestyle and our ability to be leaders in anything we want to do.  At first it was baseball, then football, boxing, basketball, tennis and golf.  Now it’s motor sports and particularly NASCAR!  Don’t sleep ya’ll!  Just ask “DJ Nabs” and “BraggOnIt”!