Evelyn Lozado

Jennifer better brush up on her boxing skills, because Evelyn is ready to swing! EXCLUSIVE: Evelyn Lozada Recalls Her Special Moments With Chad Ochocinco Ex-best friends Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada almost came to blows last night on the season premiere of the fourth installment of VH1’s Basketball Wives. PHOTOS: More “Non-Motha’Fn Factors” Added To “Basketball Wives” Season […]

Chad Ochocinco and his fiancee Evelyn Lozada have been one hip-pop’s favorite couples for quite sometime now. Now, it’s being reported that Chad will marry Evelyn next summer following a nine month long engagement! PHOTOS: Chad And Evelyn Play Tongue Hockey With that said, we decided to look back at some of the wonderful things […]


So many recording artist, producers, actors and actresses come out year after year and never thank those that helped them get there!  I need to talk about this because when you have someone that gave you your break, got you your first record deal, helped you get that first six or even seven figure check, […]


LADIES & GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!!!!! THEN WE GO AROUND IN CIRCLES With your Host:  Mike “MTM” Mauldin What is your perception of NASCAR? I have a friend that says that it is barbaric, racist and not for people of color!  Some says that it seems boring to watch cars go around and around and […]


Knock knock!!!!!  Who’s there? What’s the password?  Welcome to the Speakeasy!!  I’m your host Mike Mauldin a/k/a MTM, where u have to know somebody that knows somebody to be admitted! Last week as part of Fast Life 360, I introduced you to my world, my crew, and opened up a little bit about what to […]

My name is Billy Bragg and I live the Fast Life! My days (and a lot of long nights) are spent working with some of the brightest stars, past and present, that entertainment has to offer. It’s not easy and it’s not for everybody, but fortunately, I’ve learned from the best to become the best […]