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Knock knock!!!!!  Who’s there? What’s the password?  Welcome to the Speakeasy!!  I’m your host Mike Mauldin a/k/a MTM, where u have to know somebody that knows somebody to be admitted!

Last week as part of Fast Life 360, I introduced you to my world, my crew, and opened up a little bit about what to expect every week from the Fast Life, by taking a brief look @ our world through the peep hole, located in the front door of the SpeakEasy.

Earlier this week you heard from DJ Nabs as he called out the imitation & celebrity DJ’s that are faking the funk. (CLICK HERE to read ‘Are Real DJ’s Jealous)  Nabs will be with you every Monday, delivering his weekly sermon of PRODUCT & THE POWER.

Then on Wednesday u heard from Billy ‘the kid’ Bragg, and some of ya’ll even ‘hated’ on him later when his BRAGG ON IT column basicly said; ‘we salute you Mr. Kanye West’. (CLICK HERE to read ‘Thank You Mr. West) What y’all didn’t agree?  LOL!  Billy just took a page from our client, friend and associate, Da Brat, when she says ‘Always Be Brutally Honest’.

Speaking of DaBrat; ya’ll shouldn’t believe everything u hear or read.  Just so ya’ll know everybody in the MBA camp, Fast Life USA and The SoSoDef crew are supportive, believe and love her.  I know you’ve heard otherwise but we will ride or die wit her  and you can expect to hear from her real soon, as part of FAST LIFE 360. She will come to you with her Brutally Honest column from ‘Behind 16 Bars Of Music & Injustice’.  U wanna read that, huh? 

Ok, here’s the deal!  We have to stop putting each other down or hating on those that appear to be on the top of their game; just because we feel its our right to do so.  There is room in the success column of life for everybody.  Sometimes in the urban lifestyle, particularly music, we act like only one person can lead when it comes to music, fashion, media or television and when that is threatened, or is felt by the general public, we feel we have to hate just to represent.  This is obviously the case with a lot of new young upstart rap & r&b music artist (those of u who came out less than 8 yrs ago) and some of ya’ll in the general public as well.  For instance; as it relates to the Jigga Man.  Why did so many of ya’ll want to see him fail?  Are u crazy?  He is one of the best things going on right now, for the urban culture!  By exploiting his brand the way he has, he is making the whole world continue to pay attention to Hip Hop and its culture.  So don’t hate, just get on your on grind and step up legitimately and not look to get a pass based on a default.  It’s unfortunate that we have the crab in a barrel mindset, when it comes to getting ahead.  Think about it, u don’t see that s**t in rock or country music.  I mean, you may see Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fighting over a woman but in general, when it comes to music; most of these cats live by the moto ‘Live and let live.’  Let’s stop putting out so much garbage when it comes to music and lets get back to making records and songs that will stand the test of time and make the whole world sing & rap..

As a final piece for thia weeks column, let me say to some of y’all young cats, under the age of 35 and a few under 40; show some RESPECT to those that have came before you.  Experience is the best teacher and some of your elders are still in the game and worthy of partnering with or just sitting down to chop it up and have a real conversation and get checks with..  Cat’s such  as: Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell, Nelson George, Earnie Singleton, Miller London and of course, YOURS TRULY!!  Thank God that Sylvia Rhone, L