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My name is Billy Bragg and I live the Fast Life! My days (and a lot of long nights) are spent working with some of the brightest stars, past and present, that entertainment has to offer. It’s not easy and it’s not for everybody, but fortunately, I’ve learned from the best to become the best at what I do. And what is it I do….well, how long ya got??? Simply put, I’m a strategic marketer. It’s my job to create, present and represent artists, projects and products for mass consumption through all forms of social media…Still don’t get it? Okay…I make things HOTT! If its music, you wanna hear it…If it’s an event, you have to be there…And if it’s a product, you gotta have it!!!

How do I do it….well I can’t give you everything all at once! But with “Bragg On It” I’m gonna give you useful and relatable insight each week that hopefully you can use in your own life and career. I’ll give you different perspectives on today’s pop-culture trends, artists and new media. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t…then explain why!

You don’t have to agree with me about everything, but I do hope that you’ll talk to me about something.

And the very first thing I wanna do is something that NOBODY has done since the events that transpired at the VMA’s on Sunday and say THANK YOU MR. WEST….Now why in the world would I do that!!! Well let’s take another look at what happened…He didn’t commit a crime (well maybe with the hair) and he didn’t hurt anyone (well maybe a few feelings)…He was just being Kanye West! I’ll be clear in saying that I don’t believe what he did was right and I don’t recommend him jumping on the next awards show stage unannounced and crushing the heart of another young girl…but what he was able to do was fill the entire nation (our President included) with entertaining conversation. You know if you’re reading this you’ve already made your fair share of Kanye jokes this week. He’s the headline topic of every TV show and website and he’s inadvertently given even more star power to both Taylor Swift & Beyonce (something I’m sure he’ll take credit for one day).

A lot of people have said “Why Taylor” or “I bet he wouldn’t have done that to 50 Cent”….but I happen to think Taylor Swift couldn’t have been a more perfect person to interrupt. She is the exact opposite of EVERYTHING Kanye is and in that moment he solidified his position as the anti-hero, the man we love to hate, an evil genius…something I think we need in music (and a role he’s been flirting with for several years). Instead of waiting on the world to tear him down; he embraces his imperfections and the fact that he’ll never be able to please everyone while remaining brutally honest in his opinions and views.

In today’s world of entertainment where everyone looks and sounds the same…He remains one of one. He may not always be right but he is truly unique. And that is what I thank Kanye West for! 

Let’s be honest, as long as he’s able to keep himself together personally and keep the music on point, Kanye won’t lose any fans…He’ll probably even find a way to team up with Taylor Swift down the road and gain even more. He’s got a big mouth, but he’s also very smart. This entire line of events became a marketing strategy the second Matthew Knowles told Beyonce to bring Taylor back out for her acceptance speech. And did anyone else notice how they announced his tour with Lady GaGa yesterday…I mean c’mon!

So while the rest