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So many recording artist, producers, actors and actresses come out year after year and never thank those that helped them get there!  I need to talk about this because when you have someone that gave you your break, got you your first record deal, helped you get that first six or even seven figure check, why not say “thank you” or “is there anything I can do for you”?  Why, do you really think it was only you that made it happen?  Did you get amnesia or something?  I realize you have the talent and obviously after you’ve been out for a while, everybody realizes how talented you really are and how great you really are but what about before everybody knew that?

I can tell you; in my case; out of my 30 years in the business, after helping to make millions of dollars for some of the biggest acts and producers in the world, it would seem that if I asked anything of these people, I mean like; to do me a favor or help do something that I needed, they should come running!  Unfortunately that’s hardly ever the case.  Most actually say:  ”I’ll get back with you, or let me check on a few things and we will see.  Very seldom do they turn me down right away, it’s usually long and drawn out, then they turn me down!  I’m not talking about borrowing money from them, buying me a car, or buying me a house but usually more simple things; like making a donation for a cause that I’m passionate about, or doing a special engagement, or showing up some where for me or just talking with someone on my behalf, so that I can have an advantage in something else I’m trying to do; just like I had given them an advantage!  Honestly; why not? Its not like I come asking or begging everyday, but I just know that when the tables are turned and often they are, I will bend over backwards to help out.

Check this out!  There has been a few times in my career where I was mentioned on the Grammy stage or a special awards ceremony but even when I was, it was usually just in the middle of a bunch of other people being mentioned.  Even with that, I can probably count the actual number of times on one hand!  Why? Don’t get me wrong; I recognize that some artist goes out of their way to thank certain people and for those that do, “I applaud you”.  I personally don’t trip about not getting mentioned or when someone turns me down, for something I ask of them.  Honestly; I never did, but lately I have had a reason to ask a few things of certain people and they act like they don’t have time, like they can’t re-arrange their tentative schedule to make it happen, when in reality they change shit everyday, just because they don’t feel like doing one thing or the other.  So why not help me out?  If it wasn’t for me, your career would have definitely taken a different route or you would not have came out when you did, or made the kind of money you have.  You may not would even be having your fans call and scream your name the way that they do!!!!!!

By me addressing this, I’m sure that many of you will know people that are on one side or the other.  As a matter of fact, many of you that will read this, will realize I’m actually talking about YOU, whether you are the one that don’t GIVE the love or the one like me; that seems to hardly ever GET the love!  If you are that person; I am also sure that when you really think about it, you will agree with me! As far as my situation, Its not like I’m pissed @ anyone in particular but sometimes, some of you or some of the closest people to you; those that call you their friend, their mentor, their discoverer, their manager, their mom, their dad, their daughter or even their son

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