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INCEPTION: 4 totems (ouf ot 4)

Ok. If you are reading this, there is a likely chance that you have seen, heard and read pretty much everything else out there about Inception…but you still want to read some more. Thank you for reading…and here is the deal: Watching and trying to keep up with Christopher Nolan’s brilliant and uniquely original Inception reminded me of that time when I defiantly tried to solve a Rubik’s cube: smart when I completed the first row and extremely stupid when I couldn’t go beyond… Overall, my IQ felt very threatened and under assault…

That long lost feeling is back with a vengeance thanks toInception.If you are able to fully understand everything that is going on you are definitely a high thinker…and the owner of an IQ higher than average who likes to go into a dark theater and be challenged. You may also have to forget about going to the bathroom because missing even five minutes will throw you back to the end of the line…


Inception is worth every penny of the admission ticket. It’s elegant and intelligent entertainment that you may have dreamed existed and now you know for sure is here… Director Christopher Nolan made this movie like a  man with no fear…and that must be because he is backed by a powerful studio like Warner Brothers, and everyone seemed pretty confident that money (like $160 million) can buy great art, and so we have it. Inception is an artistic investment of the rarest form: a non franchise, wildly original,mind-bending product. Warner Brothers rolled the dice and opened a new chapter in film making withInception even if it does not become a box office sensation.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio at his very best) is the best thief there is in the art of extraction: stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is vulnerable. Cobb, who carries a few painful secrets, is also an international fugitive who is being offered a chance at redemption and a ticket back home to his family. Instead of extraction, Saito (the very handsome and regal Ken Watanabe) a rich and powerful business magnate, is asking him to pull off the reverse – inception- not to steal an idea but to plant one. Do this one job and you can go home to your kids.


The offer is way too tempting…mostly because experienced Dom knows it can be done. So off he goes to put together his high-tech team of dream stealers: Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is his most trusted colleague and the point man; Ariadne (Ellen Page) is the brilliant architectural student who will manufacture the dream world; Eames (the sizzling Tom Hardy) is a forger and an old hand at dream sharing; Robert Fisher (the cyborg-like Cillian Murphy) is the rich heir in whose mind they want to plant an idea…and whose subconscious is a bit militarized… And while not a member of this team, Mal (femme fatale Marion Cotillard), the love of Cobb’s life, does have a nasty habit of showing up at the worst times….

With top notch production values – the set designs alone are protagonists – and clever dialogue, it’s not hard to get carried away in this dream come true.&nbs