Conservative media network, TheBlaze, proved they have a zero tolerance policy if you go against their values. Tomi Lahren learned the hard way. According to Page Six, Lahren will not be returning to her show on The Blaze following her televised pro-choice stance on abortion. On The View she said, “I am a constitutional, you know, someone that […]

Add this to the list of crazy ish conservatives say. VIDEO: A Wise Man Once Said: Quotes We Love To Hate Courtesy Of Ann Coulter Glenn Beck, political pundit and conservative radio show host, called President Obama a “full-fledged woman” for his comments about safety in football. Um…so is it that only women care about […]

  Glenn Beck has completely lost it! STORY: Amazing! NYC Celebrates A Day Of No Crime In protest of an artist who depicted President Obama as Jesus on a crucifix, the conservative pundit decided to create his own form of “art.”   Gawker reports: As part of a bizarre campaign to prove the importance of the first […]

President Obama triumphed over Governor Mitt Romney with a clear victory at the third and final presidential debate last night. STORY: Disrespectful! Ann Coulter Calls The POTUS A “Retard!”  But not only are some conservatives complaining about the outcome of the debate, there were others like Glenn Beck who voiced dismay towards the GOP nominee […]

Categorize this under “Narcissistic Disillusions of Grandeur.” Glenn Beck has started a clothing line.  That’s right, Glenn Beck, the right wing firestarter who is against all things having to do with the Democratic vote, is starting a clothing line. This is the same man who called Anna Wintour the devil because of her support of President […]

Anna Wintour has officially announced her support for President Obama in the upcoming election, which isn’t a surprise to many. Well, apparently it was to conservative radio personality Glenn Beck. Anna’s support for our President was none other than a contradiction in his eyes. It made him so mad, he called her “the devil.” We guess that’s […]

Glenn Beck radio star, and now former Fox News host is about the mess with Texas. He is moving his family to a nearly 8,000-square foot mansion in a Dallas/Fort Worth suburb. The seven bedroom and seven bathroom home, which is in a gated community in Westlake, is on the the market for $3.9 million. Beck will be renting […]

Glenn Beck is calling it a wrap after two years of hosting his popular “Glenn Beck” show on Fox News today. The hugely popular host has been spewing his distorted rhetoric since his show aired in January of 2009 and has parted ways with Fox News. We would like to be the first to say, […]

Thanks to a mind-blowing exposé by New York Magazine, we get an inside look at how Fox News chairman Roger Ailes dealt with the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch and the Republican Party.  Roger Ailes is more than just the head of Fox News, he’s more like the consigliere to the Republican […]

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s 1 million dollar gift! by Elaine Carter   Did you know that worldwide there are only about 3200 tigers remaining in the wild?  Tigers are being hunted into extinction.  There is a demand for tiger skins (skinned alive) and tiger body parts are used in Asian folk-medicine.         […]

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for being an award winning actor–but he is also a huge sports fan. A regular fixture at LA Lakers games, Leo is always spotted around town wearing baseball caps. And while he has been known to rock quite a few teams, it’s obvious his real allegiance is to the UCLA Bruins […]


Bar Refaeli has teamed up with Colombian swimwear line, Aqua Bendita as the current face/body of the brand. Aqua Bendita is known internationally for their amazing fit and burst of colors and patterns. This season’s inspiration was drawn from an artisan meets navajo theme that strikes a cord with the summer sun. The swimsuits range […]