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President Obama triumphed over Governor Mitt Romney with a clear victory at the third and final presidential debate last night.

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But not only are some conservatives complaining about the outcome of the debate, there were others like Glenn Beck who voiced dismay towards the GOP nominee for his lack of creative or substantially different ideas on foreign policy. Romney’s performance was less contentious than the first two debates and he seemed to piggy back off the President’s ideas about foreign policy. The candidates shared wide agreement on the topics of debate, including support for the Israeli government, the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and opposition to U.S. military involvement in Syria.  

That was enough to get the Conversative to question if he should even vote in the next election. He tweeted to his 575,000 plus followers:

Later in the night, Beck tweeted support for Romney.

We knew that Romney couldn’t hold a candle next to Obama when it comes to foreign policy and the President’s record, but who knew that this would cause conservatives to think twice, even for a split second!