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Add this to the list of crazy ish conservatives say.

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Glenn Beck, political pundit and conservative radio show host, called President Obama a “full-fledged woman” for his comments about safety in football.

Um…so is it that only women care about concussions and sports safety?

In any case, Beck revoked the President’s “man card” and called him a girl multiple times over audio of the President saying that he would have to think about letting his son, if he had one, play football.

“His man card has been revoked by me!” Beck said. “And that’s saying something. I mean, when I’m saying you’re a girl, you are absolutely, 100 percent girl power!”

Beck said he likes “guy stuff,” including football, and he’s never heard anybody but a woman express any doubts about letting kids play football.

“Every guy — even me — says relax, OK. We’re not talking about the NFL. We’re talking about our kids playing football,” Beck said.

He even called the President “Chick-in-Chief.”

“Stop being such a CHICK,” Beck screamed.

Whoa…first of all…calm down.

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Secondly, there is something wrong with this statement, other than the fact that he just straight up disrespected the President. It’s sexist, bigoted and just downright ignorant and portrays women as weak. Which in fact, we are not.

So Glenn Beck, you’ve heard it before, now hear it again…have a seat and shut up.

SOURCE: Business Insider