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What’s up everybody! In anticipation for my long awaited debut album, ‘Attention Deficit’ the good people at Zune and I have joined forces to bring to the world a video podcast series that we like to call ‘On The Road’.

Y’all know crazy things happen to artists on the road, so Zune is giving my fans the opportunity to experience it all with me in 10 dope episodes. Not only are these video podcasts free and can be synced to your Zune, but Zune is also giving away FREE special edition Wale-etched Zune’s (8gb)! These Zune’s are super exclusive and won’t be available for sale, as they are limited editions as well.

So, if you want the chance to own one, simply follow the instructions below and the folks at will choose a winner!

Put these movies in order from oldest to newest – please post your answers in the comment box.

Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo
Krush Groove
Car Wash
The Wiz
Back to the Future
Beat Street
Wild Style 
The Mack
Menace II Society
Bonus Question:
**Which one of the movies listed served as the inspiration for Wale’s most recent mixtape?





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