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I can only define success by me, where I’m at right now in my life. Where I come from, for me to get to the position where I’m at.  If it all ended today, I exceeded all expectations put on my life.  For me to have lived the way I lived and make a career out of it to get to the point to be able to put out an album. It’s hard just to get to that point. That’s a success story in itself.   Whether I go no further, from this point…I’m good.

We living in a time when records are not selling like they used.  First and foremost, everybody looks at Jay Z, TI  and Lil Wayne and say that’s what they want. Everyone has to understand that Jay Z didn’t blow up off his first album..he wasn’t the Jay Z as we know him….neither was TI.   All these people, put they work in…they dropped albums and they kept going and going and built they fanbase that way. Look at 2pac…look at most successful artists.  What you don’t get on the first keep growing, build your core and keep going.  

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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