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I was priviliged to be in Washington D.C for the inauguration of Barack Obama. Although it was plenty parties and events I knew what I was there for..This man hasn’t been in office that long at all and has already passed a health care bill, and brought some of the troops back to their native land.


Barack is a symbol to not only black America but also to people of all races representing ‘change’ when he took office I felt a sense of renewel, I felt hopeful again for my country.

Barack told us out the gate ‘give me some time’ things won’t happen right away, he’s humble, poised, well spoken and a excellent family man with a strong woman who is his foundation.


My moment was his official stamp that he was our next president I watched it on T.V from my hotel room with some friends, we were at a lost for words. Thank god for Barack ‘Change Gone Come’… 😉

-Teyana|Follow Me@TeyanaTaylor


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