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Today at 4pm est. President Obama will be taking over Viacom networks MTV, BET and CMT for his townhall style meeting which is called “A Conversation with President Obama.’

During the townhall meeting the audience will be asking a myrid of questions on many different topics. So… We decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase our top 10 favorite songs that mention Obama!

With that said let the countdown begin

Common ‘The People’

Lyrics: ‘Standing in front of the judge with no honor/My raps unite the people like Obama’

Common is one of the biggest celebrity supporters of Obama and this is just one song of many that vocalized his endorsement for Obama. This song actually got a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo.

It made its first appearance on Kanye West’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ mixtape and would eventually find itself on Common’s Finding Forever album.

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Of Great and Mortal Men ‘Someone to Wake’

Lyrics: ‘Someone to wake Barack Obama’

This songs comes from the CD Of Great and Mortal Men, a 3-disc compilation CD with 44 songs. A group of musicians got together and started to write songs dedicated to each of our presidents throughout history, thus, 44 songs.

‘Because I didn’t have an actual presidency to write about, the only thing I could write about was his effect on people,’ songwriter Christian Kiefer says of President-elect Obama. So Kiefer started out by exploring where the country has been.

Singer Will Johnson is best-known for his work with the band Centro-matic. He volunteered his vocals for Kiefer’s song, adding himself to a list of indie-rock performers appearing on the cd set.

‘He says everything is all right in the same way that you might hold a child in your arms who has an ouwie,’ Kiefer says. ‘And you stroke that child, and you say everything’s all right. That’s essentially what I think what Obama has done for us as a nation — taken this basically broken child and said, ‘Hey, come on, everything’s good. We’re tough, we can do this. Let’s move forward.’ ‘

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Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland ‘Aer Obama’

Lyrics: None, unless you count O-B-A-M-A being spelled out by a Speak-and-Spell.

Adam Freeland remixed Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’ into an anthem for Barack Obama to commemorate his presidential inauguration. He also created a music video for the song using stop mot

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